Our ordering process is designed to allow us to fit you with the best garment possible while taking minimal time.


Our consultants regularly visit cities across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. It is on these visits that they will be able to take your measurements and consult on the best garment for you.


The first step is to subscribe to our newsletter to be well informed towards our forthcoming visit. As time is limited appointments are necessary, we send a reminder email one week before our consultant arrives in your country to remind you to book early. Appointments can be made via email at any time or over the phone or SMS once our consultant has arrived in your country.

For your convenience we operate out of centrally located venues in each city we visit. In events where more than 5 people will be purchasing suits our consultants are able to arrange outcalls.


On your first visit our consultant will take your body measurements. We also use digital photography to gauge your posture and body shape so that we can tailor your garments specifically to match. We offer a wide range of styles and fabrics to cater especially to your wishes. Our consultant travels with swatches of all the materials we have available and digital pictures of the latest season's styles.

It would therefore be helpful if you wear or bring in your best fitting garment along with shoes or heels that are approximately the same height as those that you plan to wear with your bespoke custom tailored made garment.


After you decide upon the style and material of your unique garment, our tailors in Hong Kong will begin work. Once complete we will ship your order to you via Courier or Registered Post. This normally takes between four and seven weeks.


We quote all our prices during consultation in local currencies and accept payment either via credit card or cash in local currency.


At ANS we like to assure the quality of our work which is why we encourage our clients to return to our consultant upon his next visit to their country so that he can inspect the final quality of your ANS garment. In the unlikely event that it is unsatisfactory we will make the appropriate alterations at no extra charge either at our Hong Kong workshop or locally.